Professional tree pruning enhances the look, health and safety of your trees

Professional tree pruning should be a part of every Adelaide homeowner’s garden maintenance routine. Tree pruning is much more than just an aesthetic pursuit. While it does dramatically enhance the appearance of trees, it also accomplishes a lot more than most people realize.

Tree pruning is necessary for the health of your tree. Trees can fall victim to a range of problems over their lifetime, including diseases, pest infections, and issues with branches crossing and rubbing. Tree pruning can effectively resolve all these problems and puts your tree on the road to recovery.

A good prune can remove any diseases or insect-infected wood. It also helps by thinning out the crown of the tree, which boosts airflow and thwarts pest infestation. In terms of branches interfering with each other, the offending branches can either be trimmed or removed as a solution.

Tree pruning is also important to promote the growth of fruit and flowers on trees. It also stimulates the tree’s strong structure and minimises the chance of it becoming damaged during severe weather. Furthermore, pruning is an important safety measure. As trees grow, some branches get in the way and also pose risks to the safety of people and structures.

The specialists in tree pruning in Adelaide

A Bark Up the Right Tree takes care of your tree pruning in Adelaide. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, you can be ensured we produce exceptional results. We perform tree pruning at a range of properties including residential, commercial, strata corps, property management groups, government departments and schools. Our talented technicians prune to Australian Standards and have the skills to prune any tree, no matter what its height or spread it.

In order to access trees out of reach, we use specialist climbing and rigging equipment, in combination with professional access and lifting equipment, like lifting cranes, elevated work platforms and mobile towers.

We perform tree pruning on a variety of different trees in Adelaide

We provide a comprehensive tree pruning service in Adelaide, which includes deadwooding and removal of overhanging or dangerous branches. A quality pruning will elevate the canopy to allow more sunlight to enter through into your garden and lawn.

Our professional tree pruners can even work with palms. We enhance the appearance of unkempt palms by removing seed pods and dead fronds. Our technicians can work with a range of palm species including date palms and coco palms.

When you hire our specialists for tree pruning in Adelaide you can ensure we leave your outdoor area looking neat and tidy. We get rid of all branches and foliage in our chipping machine and transform it into mulch. Depending on your wishes, we can either leave the mulch on your garden or take it with us.

If you would like to learn more about our tree pruning services in Adelaide please contact our friendly team today on 0413 945 749.